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ZYGER FIT is a company that believes that empowering and encouraging people to trust the process and have confidence in themselves is the way to the greatest change in society.


We use social media and we make motivational videos to provide a platform where our visitors can benefit from a change of perspective and help others to achieve their goals.

We provide a range of services that are deliberately created to provoke a change in society.  I work as: 

a) Motivational speaker

b) Transformational Life Coach

c) Business Coach

d) Podcasts

e) Public Speaker                        

f) Radio Show               


We also have an online Shop where you can buy our garments, clothing and much more.                

We have a variety of topics and we can tailor them to match your needs too. Example of our topics:

  • Motivational Speech     

  • The heaviness of Regret
    Vs The heaviness of Work 

  • Embrace your PURPOSE


  • Business Mindset

  • Successful Mindset

  • How to overcome the Past

  • Meditation + Techniques

  • Social Media and
    Web Development

  • Branding and Marketing

  • How to deal with Anxiety

  • Successful Life

  • TODAY is powerful

  • Imagination is everything.

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Consistency + how to get motivated

  • Relationship between The Heart & Brain

  • Meditation + How to + Practical session

  • Getting Organised

  • The Imposter Syndrome



Zyger Fit first idea was planned in 2018 and and then registered in 2020.

The first business draft was created as a fitness platform where we provided fitness and video content all around the UK, however many things were out of the plan and the covid lockdown and restrictions limited our company.

Now, this business idea is merely to help people to get a strong mindset and a more aligned lifestyle.

I help people to identify the ways and techniques to get a better and healthier life. I help people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, or any draining feeling that may stop their quality of life.


The idea of jumping from Fitness to Mindset and coaching came after a course I took on February 2022 through The 5 to 9 Club and Women in Business Networking initiative at the Welsh ICE.

After listening to Berny Davies (TedX Speaker, publisher, intel Master Coach, author & business strategist) I understood that I needed to address my business idea to display my soul in services.

My main goal is to help society to change its mindset through motivational content, transformational coaching and inspirational public speaking.


ZYGER FIT is the way I call the 'Fitness for the mind' and our slogan is 'We Roar Together'. Our main colours display the passion and heart that I have, being red, orange and yellow synonyms for Power, Passion and Determination to help.


My main goal is to help people realize that we are the Developers of our world and all we need is the right mindset to achieve the goals and dreams we have.


On a daily bases, people are buying the lies related to the way we look rather than how healthy and fit our minds and bodies feel. Zyger Fit is here to change the history of our minds and body. We are more than enough to create the life that we desire and bring our dreams to life.


This is not about looking like someone else to look good or losing/gaining weight to be happy.

A BIG NO. We are here to share with the world that we are enough right now to change the course of humanity and at the same time to help others that may need our help.


This is a global movement, starting in the heart of the Red Dragon Country by a Latin woman:


Meet Me and The Team
...More details upon Request...

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