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Thanks for your Donations, they are truly appreciated and help us to continue to spread the good vibes and the words of empowerment around the globe!

We believe that empowering and encouraging people to trust the process and to believe in themselves is the way to the greatest change of all and the most beautiful way to impact society in a positive level. We create motivational videos for free and they are available on our youtube channel. Your donations also help us to reach higher levels and to bring a significant change on Society.

If for any reason you can't donate through Paypal, please send us an email to ZYGERFIT@GMAIL.COM and we will send you a different option to complete the donation.

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Or Debit Card


Thanks for Donating and for your Support!

We want to bring our services to Public and Private Schools, to public and private Events. Your Donations help us to provide FREE supporting materials and content to the people we get in touch with.

Please help us to bring this new culture to higher levels. We need people in general who wants to collaborate with us to make a significant change in their community and subsequently on society.

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