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The importance of FORGIVENESS. Is not for them, but for yourself really.

Updated: Oct 9, 2022


THIS WEEK, We challenge you to SEND LOVE TO THOSE WHO DISAPOINTED YOU SOMEHOW! A couple of days ago, I had a chat with one of my clients who was quite frustrated on the way a particular person treated her in the past. At some point, our

of so much frustration and a long chat, she expressed how much she wants to see this person on a very difficult situation and struggling with no hope, so that she can say the well known phrase "I told you". In another words, she was wishing suffering to this person.

After listening, I got to this conclusion which I am sharing here because maybe all of us have gone through similar situations in life.

Here is the thing, every time we engage in anger we are damaging ourselves, not the other person and the opportunity to become free of the past gets cloudy and difficult to spot.

The process of forgiveness isn't for someone else but instead for ourselves, we liberate our mind from the past and the bad feelings and vibes that once trapped us.

Forgiveness is an act of liberation but for ourselves. IF instead of sending negative energy to those that hurts us we send love and good vibes, what it does is that we are liberating our heart and mind of becoming attached to the low energy and instead you will be able to feel that same love that you are sending out.

Basically, if we let go of the past we are making room for the NOW moment and not furthering the negative vibes received in the past but shifting it into a more positive vibe.

We encourage you to let go of any negative feeling and try and feel love towards yourself and by default you will be sending a different vibe to those situations on the past.

Today is great day to do the 360 turn or to adjust your thoughts in order to gain the peace of mind that we all deserve. If you want more information on how to hire my services as Wellbeing Coach or Motivational and Public Speaker , please click

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