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We challenge you to Enjoy a Drink!

This may sound simple but believe me, it is so powerful to help us to perform better.

We understand how busy life is and how difficult it gets, however having a "ME TIME" can help us to perform better.

Many people would think is crazy to take yourself out, on a date with yourself, or to take yourself to a delicious meal to a restaurant or to do something specially

design to empower the YOU within. Here is my point of view. Until we learn to see ourself and love ourself we wouldn't know how to embrace our purpose and how to listen to our own voice, therefore people won't do it either. Being authentic and acknowledging ourselves is the most powerful weapon we will ever have.

This is by far the most important time when we sit quietly enjoying the moment. Right here, right now. It works anyway, any day, any time. We just have to get the time to make ourselves feel important.

This activity will talk directly to our subconscious mind sending the message that "By enjoying a drink and having a couple of minutes on our own, we are important too; We will have new strength and a better attitude to approach life itself. We recognise that we are important to the SELF too and by understanding this, our minds, thoughts and dreams will sparkle again.

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