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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

THIS WEEK, We challenge you to ENJOY THE WEATHER! This suggestions may sound crazy to many of us who have more like a rainy day or not sunny, or Autumn day, however, let me explain the WHY even on the most undesirable weather we must enjoy our day!

Today is a cloudy day in Wales, this weather makes me think, despite the fact that I am not a fan of every day rain it is clear that without those rainy days we wouldn't have the beautiful nature that dresses our lands, and this is worldwide.

Let's make sure that we take advantage of the weather, despite the differences of opinion. Being grateful for this will make us feel more aligned with nature and the system around us.

If you suffer from anxious thoughts, depression or any other symptom that may affect your performance in life take 5 minutes to really stay quiet and admire your gard

en, or the view through the window, just be present and grateful of being a witness of today's weather.

The weather within our mind is the weather that will bring a sunny day to the people around us. It is so contagious. Keep the sun up and shining in your mindset!

I am wishing you really good news and even better vibe for you! Receive a big hug FROM US!

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