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Weekly Challenge!

     This is the page where we can share with you fresh and simple ideas to make a significant change in Society. Please notice despite the fact that these WEEKLY CHALLENGES are simple, short and quick they are also proven to be innovative to provide a positive impact on a personal & collective level when put into practice.



We challenge you to take 5+ minutes to quiet your mind!
Maybe this suggestion can be new to many of us, however, the benefits of looking within your mind and calming your thoughts. 

In this challenge, we don't want to utilise many words because it makes sense that we practice what we suggest.

If you have any questions as to how to quiet your mind or how to deal with anxiety & depression, please make sure to listen to this podcast or contact us via our email or our media.

 Happy Me Time Everyone!




A couple of days ago,  I had a chat with one of my clients who was quite frustrated on the way a particular person treated her in the past. At some point, our of so much frustration and a long chat, she expressed how much she wants to see this person on a very difficult situation and strugging with no hope, so that she can say the well known phrase "I told you". In another words, she was wishing suffering to this person.

After listening, I got to this conclution which I am sharing here because maybe all of us have gone through simillar situations in life.

Here is the thing, every time we engage in anger we are damaging ourselves, not the other person and the opportunity to become free of the past gets cloudy and difficult to spot.

The process of forgiveness isn't for someone else but instead for ourselves, we liberatate our mind from the past and the bad feelings and vibes that once trapped us. 

Forgiveness is an act of liberation but for ourselves. IF instead of sending negative energy to those that hurts us we send love and good vibes, what it does is that we are liberating our heart and mind of becoming attached to the low energy and instead you will be able to feel that same love that you  are sending out.

Basically, if we let go of the past we are making room for the NOW moment and not futhering the negative vibes received in the past but shifting it into a more positive vibe.

We encourage you to let go of any negative feeling and try and feel love towards yourself and by default you will be sending a different vibe to those situations on the past.

Today is great day to do the 360 turn or to adjust your thoughts in order to gain the peace of mind that we all deserve. If you want more information on how to hire my services as Wellbeing Coach or Motivational and Public Speaker , please click 


We challenge you to ENJOY THE WEATHER!
This suggestions may sound crazy to many of us who have more like a rainy day or not sunny, however, let us eplain the WHY even then we must enjoy the weather!

Today is a cloudy day in Wales, this weather makes me think, dispite the fact that I am not a fan of every day rain it is clear that without those rainy days we woudn't have the beautiful nature that dresses our lands, and this is worldwide.

Let's make sure that we take advantage of the weather, dispite the differences of opinion. Being Greatful for this will make us feel more aligned with nature and the system around us.

If you suffer from anxious thoughts, depression or any other symptom that may affect your performance in life take 5 minutes to really stay quiet and admire your garden, or the view through the window, just be present and grateful of being a witness of today's weather.

I am wishing you really good news and even better vibe for you!
Receive a big hug FROM US!



We challenge you to meditate a little!
Maybe this suggestion can be new to many of us, however, the benefit of looking within you is enormous. 

When we meditate we address our main system to organize ideas, to stay calm and to wait for the commands to continue living our lives. Imagine you have the most powerful machinery and even then there is always a system running all the functions seen and unseen. Meditation is one of those systems that help us address our goals and plans.

Let's make sure that we take advantage of this system for the best outcome in our life.

If you suffer from anxious thoughts, depression or any other symptom that may affect your performance in life take 5 minutes to really stay quiet and listen to this crazy idea yet the most powerful action to change for the better. There is this new podcast I have created to combat Anxiety. You can listen to it by clicking on the button below, but you can listen to any music and stay in silence listening to yourself with the purpose of re arranging your life for the better. Happy Meditation Time Everyone!


We challenge you to LOOK WITHIN!

This may sound crazy to many, however, stay with us while we explain what we mean by look within. 


We encourage you to take 5 minutes to look within by meditating or just sitting on a chair quietly with your eyes closed.

In these 5 minutes, we want you to concentrate your attention on your breathing patterns. Starting with 4 deep breaths, hold it for 4 seconds and exhale (repeat 4 times).

The benefits:

The benefits of looking within are numerous, but the first one is that your body will concentrate its energy on itself making you feel more energetic and balanced.

The second important benefit is that it will bring a sense of peacefulness and calm to help you make better decisions at work or in any other activity.

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Meditate at the beach


We challenge you to Enjoy a Drink!

This may sound simple but believe me, it is so powerful to help us to perform better. We understand how busy life is and how difficult it gets, however having a "ME TIME" can help us to perform better.

This is by far the most important time when we sit quietly enjoying the moment. Right here, right now. It works anyway, any day, any time. We just have to get the time to make ourselves feel important.

This activity will talk directly to our subconscious mind sending the message that "By enjoying a drink and having a couple of minutes on our own, we are important too; We will have new strength and a better attitude to approach life itself. We recognise that we are important to the SELF too and by understanding this, our minds, thoughts and dreams will sparkle again. 

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We challenge you to Create!

The purpose of this challenge is to empower your creativity or your creative mind. So many great ideas are being stopped by the way we feel because we are very aware of what people may think about them, however HERE WE ARE TO SAY, BE CREATIVE!

CREATION is not shy, it doesn't care what you may think about it, and it doesn't stop, so PLEASE allow your mind to be creative.

It doesn't matter what you create, it may be a cup of coffee or a very nice meal, a robot, coding, a song, a melody, or a new way to wake up.  You are the Boss!

big or SMALL, it doesn't matter, but it cares about authenticity and ownership. Allow your mind to fly.


Sunset Martial Arts

We challenge you to The Fitness Challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to bring more positive energy into our week. We suggest doing it every day, however please adapt it to your week and your life style.

This week, we encourage you to take 5 minutes to perform one or more 'Fitness Move/s', here are some examples that can make your selection easier, however please feel free to add or do a different exercise if you feel like so:

2 sets of 10 SQUATS

2 sets of 10 JUMPS

2 sets of 10 STRETCHES

5 minutes JOGGING

5 minutes RUNNING

5 minutes DANCING (Instangly boost your mood, Dance Songs click HERE) 'Sugar' Will open youtube.

5 minutes OF FREEDOM you deserve it! 


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We challenge you to The Morning Challenge!

The purpose of this challenge is to bring a new and more positive morning to your days.

This week, when you wake up, take 5 minutes to repeat 3 or more of the following statements:

I am grateful

Today is A GOOD DAY

Today I am going to enjoy my activities

Today I want to enjoy being me

Today I am not going to allow negativity in my life

I am happy, I am whole, I am complete, I don't need fixing 

 I am at peace.

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We challenge you to LOOK AT THE MIRROR!

This challenge is intended to bring instant peace to those suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other feeling that may be affecting your life; it is truly easy to do, but many of us forget to use it often, please have a look at the mirror and make sure to make eye contact with yourself, breath deeply 3 times and say 3 complements from the following list:


I am I am Beautiful

I am Smart

I am Capable

Cause I AM

I am The Real Deal

I am Love

I am at Peace

I am Empowered

I am Unique

I am Enough

I can do This

I am Loveable 

I am The Real Deal

I am Love

I am at Peace

Self-love is the most beautiful way to show affection and to get empowered to continue our journey regardless of how we may feel.

I have created a motivational Song with these lyrics, please make sure to have a listen to it on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook and please follow this post to let us know what you did for this challenge. 

Citrus Fruits

THIS WEEK, we bring 2 easy challenges, one personal and one social.

1) This Week Take 5 minutes for yourself. In these 5 minutes, we want you to Breath deeply 3 times and start to imagine your dream LIFE. After this give yourself a cheeky smile because if you can imagine it you can have it.,

2) This Week, say something nice to a random person in order to encourage self-love. Example: Your hair looks nice today; Hey! you have a beautiful smile!
Always remember to be genuine. 

Please follow this post on Instagram to let us know what did you do for this challenge

Citrus Fruits
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
Friends Portrait
Friends Portrait

THIS WEEK, we bring one easy challenge to impact society

1) This Week, say a compliment to 5 of your friends either online or by the old classic texts. Browse through their images and leave 5 comments to 5 different friends or simply send 5 texts to your friends to encourage them to work on their dreams. Isn't this worth it? you can exceed it with more than 5, however, the challenge is for 5 friends.

These texts have to be genuine and adapted to your friends' activities for example singing, Dance, Best friends, Loyal, Appreciation, Gratitude, humility, peacefulness, joy, you have always been there for me, or I just want to say thank you for your friendship.

Use your texts to bring a smile to your friends' faces because we don't know how much we all need our friends to check on us.

Please follow this post on Instagram to let us know what did you do for this challenge

Closeup of a Black Dog

THIS WEEK, we bring one Personal easy challenge to impact society

1)This week take a take to enjoy one meal of your choice. This means that your work, your activities, your rushing life if you have one, ALL OF THESE aspects, have to wait for you. Take this meal to define in your head what the flavour is. Is it savoury, sower, sweet, salty or any other flavour?

Use this meal to reflect on how lucky you are to be enjoying this meal at this time with yourself and to bring a smile to your heart because we deserve to enjoy these little treats like this.

Please let us Know On our Instagram what do you have for this challenge

Food and Drink
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